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This Month’s Recipe

This Month’s Recipe

Slightly chewy fudge

If you prefer yours more crumbly, cook the sugars, butter and condensed milk for slightly longer, but don’t burn it!

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  • Dissolve 250g light muscovado sugar and 250g granulated sugar in 150ml of water in a deep saucepan on a low heat (no need to stir).
  • When the sugar mixture has fully dissolved, add 25g butter and 100ml condensed milk.
  • Boil and stir until a small spoonful of the mixture can be dropped into a mug of cold water and form a small soft ball that is beginning to solidify.
  • Remove from the heat and add a dessertspoon of vanilla extract or essence and stir vigorously with a wooden spoon.
  • Beat this mixture for about 10 minutes until the fudge is cooled. This helps avoid it going lumpy.
  • Pour the cooled fudge mixture into a lightly greased baking tin (about 10cm x 20cm and 4cm deep).
  • Once the mixture has begun to harden gentle score the fudge with a sharp knife, marking out bite-sized pieces.
  • Leave to cool completely, then break into pieces and store in an airtight container.


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Our Customers say...

Debbie Burnage

Debbie Burnage

Thank you for another great meal and evening… celebrating a friends birthday. Pippa thanks Steve for the very cosy blanket, totally spoilt ! great food, great staff and wonderful atmosphere… see you soon x